Our Favourite Corporate Family Day Ideas

June 13, 2022 12:38 pm

With people once again interacting socially and returning to the office environment, a great way to build comradery and bonding between colleagues is corporate family days. These days are a great chance for associates and their families to enjoy a day out in a casual and unique environment. As one of Brisbane’s best corporate function venues, we’ve come up with a range of corporate family day ideas for your next event.


The best way to ensure everyone’s happy when it comes to food at a corporate family day is by hosting a BBQ with multiple stations serving a variety of delicious food. This way beef lovers can enjoy steaks and sausages, fish lovers can help themselves to deliciously barbequed prawn skewers, and vegetarians can enjoy salads and barbequed vegetables.


Enjoy simple and quick lawn games, from bowling to bocce to quoits. These games are easy to set up and learn, and even easier to enjoy. Splitting up teams with employees from different areas to help bond and increase competition. Our lawn is lovely and open so you can have multiple games happening at the same time and switch when finished.


Organised games are a great way to get people working together and communicating. A scavenger hunt gives participants a common goal and a way to initiate conversation. This will obviously require some preparation from the family day organisers but you’ll find it will be well worth your time. Make sure the scavenger hunt is challenging enough to be entertaining without making it too hard as you don’t want the game to drag on too long. Reward the winning team with a prize of some sort, and treat all participants to a feast when the game ends!


Put away the screens and get back to basics with some good old-fashioned orienteering. This is a great sport for families and associates, as it involves teamwork, using navigation skills and physical exercise. To conduct this activity you’ll need to find a space that is unfamiliar without being too difficult to navigate so that everyone gets to put their orienteering skills to the test without the possibility of anyone getting seriously lost. Walkabout Creek is a well-established and clearly laid out venue so is perfect for this activity.


Team Building Ideas

Bring along some sports clothes to family day and organize a social game of five-a-side football on our lawn. In order to provide the opportunity for people from different areas of the company to bond, split the teams with a mix of people from each department. Our lakeside lawn is a great location for this exciting and positive activity.


An oldie but a goldie, tug of war is one of the best games to play at a fun day out. Make a tournament out of it with teams versing each other in rounds or just play one big round with a representative from each department on either side. Try organising a little trophy or prize for the winner, or celebrate everyone’s participation with a feast afterwards!


Start Planning Your Corporate Family Day

Bring everyone together with a day out of the office, with delicious food and exciting activities to help bond and build relationships. If you are hosting a corporate family fun day, Walkabout Creek would be a great place to do it. We have a range of indoor function rooms, our stunning Deck and our beautiful Lakeside Lawn offers plenty of room for activities.

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