“A big thank you to Walkabout Creek for our amazing wedding on the 10th May. Everyone enjoyed themselves and loved the venue location.”

– Kate & Carlo

Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Cuisine on Cue is committed to providing a safe work environment by complying with all legislation stated in the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995. We want to ensure all employees and non-employees are protected from the risk of injuries and workplace diseases by following the Guidelines of the Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2008. We monitor and assess measures used to prevent and minimise exposure to risks in the workplace. We also follow the advice of the industry Codes of Practise and train employees in safe operations practises while providing adequate safety equipment. We promote the involvement of employees and stakeholders in updating and maintaining workplace health and safety procedures in order to create the most effective procedures. We also provide a non-discriminatory workplace with equal opportunities for all qualified persons.


Customer Service Policy

Cuisine on Cue is dedicated to providing professional and personalised service to every customer. We aim to do things differently in order to provide the best possible experience for every customer and we understand that every customer has different needs and expectations. No matter the size or type of the event, the Cuisine on Cue staff are renowned for their professional service, friendliness and willingness to assist wherever needed. Our company is proud to focus on strong customer service, food quality and an open communication with our customers and staff.


House Policy

Cuisine on Cue complies with all conditions, responsibilities and obligations as set out by the Liquor Act 1992. We aim to provide a safe environment for both employees and patrons in all premises we service. We achieve this through staff training in discussing problem situations and suggesting solutions, gaining feedback from staff and ensuring all staff are confident in their ability to take appropriate action. We support staff who refuse alcohol to intoxicated, underage or unruly customers. Cuisine on Cue promotes responsible consumption of alcohol by providing a range of non-alcoholic and low alcohol beverages. We also only serve single nips with a mixer (no doubles or straight shots).


Environmental Policy

We aim to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible as we value the natural environment and aim to protect it for future generations. Cuisine on Cue implements this by recycling and reducing our energy usage wherever possible. Our staff are educated about the impact Cuisine on Cue has on the environment and are encouraged to provide feedback and ideas as to how to reduce the impact of our business. Cuisine on Cue is mindful of our carbon emissions and in light of this we optimise our fleet distribution to minimise carbon emissions wherever possible. We commit to constantly updating systems and procedures to reduce our rate of energy usage, emissions and waste in the future.